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Do you want dominate your online Marketplace?

Use my Copywriting, Marketing, Communications and Social Media skills to help you succeed.

You build, design and create. I get it!

I’ve spent years using and studying online markets of all kinds and I’ve worked with top earning Elite Authors on Envato Market, I know how creatives work, and where you need help – after all, I’m pretty creative myself!

Writing content, creating better headlines, building your brand, re evaluating your marketing techniques, working with social media, press releases, writing instructions and providing amazing top notch support – I can help you do all of these things better.

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Masters Degree in Digital Media
Years Experience Building WordPress Sites
Years Experience in Professional Communications
Recommended by Clients

You’ve built something amazing, but now what?

Don’t worry! I can help. Let me help you craft the perfect headlines, call-to-actions and beautifully written copy for your buyers.

Incredible Experience: The Proof Is In The Pudding

With 20+ years experience working in small business, corporate and tech startups, backed by a Masters Degree in Digital Media, I have perfected the art of communication in marketing over many years of hard work.

I’ve worked with rock stars in the music industry and award winning designers, I know people and I know great customer service.

Let me help you unlock the unique value proposition of your digital work and achieve the goals you thought you could never reach.

Envato Market

Envato Market is one of the largest most successful one-stop digital shops with a massive community of fans, designers and developers.

But not everyone knows how to market their items to reach their full potential.

I’ve spent considerable time working with the top selling authors in the Elite Author program before venturing off on my own as a freelancer. I know what sells, and I know how to help you.

Envato Studio

Envato Studio is a great place to surf, you will find talented designers, coders, developers and artists to work with for sure, but there is always room for improvement as a designer.

Optimise your profile page, get the most out of each gig you list.

Let me help…


Etsy is stunning Digital Marketplace that sells incredibly beautiful hand made arts and crafts.

Would you like to get some help optimising your profile and shop sections?

Do you know how to sell your items or what the best headline and category to select is? Book a session and let me walk you through the basics. It’s Marketing 1o1 made less scary, more friendly.

99 Designs

Even the best logo designers sometimes mess up with Marketing and Communications.

Do you have a brief you like, or a template for clients to get the best out of your communications with them?

Do you recognise different personality types and wonder how to communicate with them in your design brain? I’ll show you how it’s done.


Even a $5 gig is worth doing well, right?

Of course it is!

Want to know how best to pitch your services to your clients?

Let’s have a chat so you feel more confident in doing so, wherever you are.


eBay has been providing thousands of people extra income working from home for years. I’m one of them!

There is a tonne of stuff to know about how to pitch your stuff for sale on eBay.

With over 200 Positive Reviews and Feedback over many years of playing around for fun, I’ve worked out how to optimise your eBay items and guess what?

It’s just like any other Marketplace. Consistency, good copy writing, headlines and great photography. Let’s talk about how I can help you be a better eBayer.

Marketing doesn’t have to be rocket science, learn the the basics with someone who talks kitchen table English.

  • Communications

  • Social Media

  • Marketing 101

  • Copywriting

  • Social Media

  • Press Releases

  • Writing awesome headlines

  • On-Page Optimisation

  • Item Optimisation

  • SEO for dummies

  • Marketing without using acronyms

  • Build on your brand

  • Writing excellent instructions

  • Providing Support

  • What is in a name?

  • Running competitions

  • Provide Top Notch Support

  • Building a Facebook audience

  • Moderating a community

  • Getting the most out of Twitter

  • Why you should be using Pinterest

  • The importance of LinkedIn

  • Protecting your brand name

  • Scheduling to make your life easier

  • Understanding Community vs Network

  • Promoting your best stuff!

I’m Sold, Book Now!

One to One. Full access.

I believe in one to one communication. It makes it easier and removes stress trying to learn new concepts. I’ll be available to you over Hangout or Skype or we can always use the phone or email :)

It’s up to you! The last thing I want to do is make you uncomfortable. I am at your service.

I’m confident I can help you

With years of experience managing some of Australia’s largest company accounts, and more years practising promoting niche personal accounts and blogs, I know I knowledge to share. I just had to take that leap of faith in myself, now I am ready to help others be better digital and online communicators and marketers!

What Else?

Homework. I won’t lie, this is hard work and it takes effort on your part. You have to be committed to put time into this.

There will be homework. I will be watching. And I’ll be there when you get stuck too.

Show me what you’ve got

To get the most out of the coaching sessions you need to show me what you’ve got. I will need links to your Marketplace items, your portfolio, your social media accounts. I don’t need passwords, I repeat no passwords or access to personal information required.

Do provide any marketing materials you have prepared or are thinking about.

Come ready with some objectives.

We’ll talk em through until I’m blue in the face!

Buy my ‘Product Optimisation Service’

Stuff. You make it, I’ll help you sell it.

Everything is for sale today. If you can get it, it’s available online on a digital marketplace somewhere. I’ve used most of them and I understand what it takes to sell. I’ve made passive income on eBay buying and selling motorcycle parts, toys, novelties and household wares. It takes a special knack to know how to pitch it to the right audience.

I’ll teach you everything I know.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

I am dedicated to your success. Let me be your personal concierge through the Marketing and Communications digital world, to help you be your best!

What I can show you will help you further down the track to. Apply what I teach you across all of your items on any Marketplace.

If you are not satisfied with what you have been taught, then there is no charge. Simple.


Professional References

Dan easily tackled every difficult comms situation we threw over the fence to him. He happily took on new opportunities beyond his day to day, expanding the scope of the marketing team while growing many of our most important relationships.
Alex Holmes, Envato
Dan was extremely passionate and engaged with the social media community he managed and developed strong connections with that community. He was widely recognised by the community and always understood how to engage them. Dan’s technical knowledge was a great asset particularly for our more technology-based audiences.
Nicole McKechnie, Telstra
I worked very closely alongside Dan in Telstra’s social media team. He lives and breathes social, and a large part of the success of Telstra’s social channels is attributable to Dan’s nurturing and strategic community management. He truly understands how to manage, build and engage with online communities with unique audiences.
Leigh , Telstra

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